Books, books, books…

I have always been an avid reader. I have always loved the moment you really find yourself immersed in a fictional world, no matter what form that world takes. I blogged (rather extensively) about my love for Harry Potter earlier this week (which you can find here ICYMI…), however my love of fiction stems from much earlier than […]

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Goodbye my Friend

Today, two days before the end of term, we had our school Staff Farewells. For the first time, I experienced these goodbyes personally, as two good friends from the department are moving on to pastures new. It’s that funny side-effect of teaching that they don’t teach you on your training; you develop emotional attachments to […]

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Dear Someone – 20/7/15

Day 3 – A letter to your favourite teacher from school Dear Miss, I know you still remember me and I know you know what I am doing now. I am fortunate that the age gap between my sister and I has allowed a tenuous connection in the nine years it has now been since […]

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Dear Someone – 13/7/15

Day 3 – A letter to society Dear Britain, I can’t help but feel a great sense of despair hanging over much of the country. There is great jubilation from some, still celebrating the Conservative whitewash of May’s general election. This is ever more present with the recent announcement of the budget. However, the Conservative […]

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Twas 2 weeks before summer, and all through the schools, every teacher was sighing at children breaking the rules. As the end of term approaches, every teacher in the town is eagerly awaiting the commencement of the long summer holiday. With that, I’m afraid to say, comes exhaustion, boredom and a short temper. My end of […]

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Today, I may or may not have accidentally displayed my competitive side to the kids at school. While they were typing up their coursework drafts, I was asked by one of them whether I would like to take part in a psychology project. Naturally, I immediately said yes. Without asking what it involved… Fortunately, it […]

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It’s the oldest piece of advice in the book. Write what you know. Your reader feels the passion and emotion you feel, when you write what you know. I was reminded by a friend today, of one of the most powerful pieces of writing (and performances for that matter) that I have ever seen. I […]

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I love a haiku. Simple, but elegant. Traditionally, the haiku should centre around the theme of nature, however I love using the haiku form to tell the love story that dwells in my brain. It is like fitting a lifetime of hidden glances, heartbeats and sweaty palms into 3 lines. Twisting in cold air; Breath mingles in […]

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