My name is Charlotte and I am twenty seven years old. Welcome to Upon my Desk – my little space on the internet that I call my own.

I’m never sure how to go about writing these kind of things, so here’s a list of random tidbits:

  1. I am a parent to a Mediterranean Spur Thigh tortoise named Dumbletort. He is the most ridiculous critter on earth – he has his own Instagram, naturally.
  2. I do a great impression of not writing my debut novel, Whisper, a dystopian fiction.
  3. I studied English Literature at De Montfort University, Leicester, then trained to be a secondary school teacher and taught for a year and a half. I now work in Marketing.
  4. I am basically a wizard. And by that, I mean I love Harry Potter. And by that, I mean I am obsessed with Harry Potter.
  5. I don’t believe in the whole starsign nonsense, but I am definitely a Leo.
  6. I am like… IN LOVE… with musicals. I will regularly listen to soundtracks in public and really have to refrain from bursting into song. I wish all the townsfolk knew the words….
  7. As above, with Disney.
  8. I am really passionate about supporting mental health causes. Through my blog, I run a project called Storytellers which you read more about here.

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