Brighton Rock

There is little better in this world than a welcome and anticipated break. A few months ago, we booked a trip to Brighton; after watching 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown and crying with laughter at a tiny snippet of Joe Lycett (if you haven’t watched it, I’ve linked it below for your perusal…), we immediately Googled his tour and looked up where we could see him (and with a tour name like That’s the Way AHA AHA Joe Lycett, blame us for instantly booking?)

We decided to make a weekend of it and booked a stay at the City Centre Premier Inn and held our breath until the day we could pop down to the seaside. As time always does, it flew by and before we knew it, our weekend was here. I shot out of work like a bat out of hell and breezed down in good time. We admired the gigantic houses on our way in and imagined a life beyond our own. We took a slight detour (courtesy of Oscar’s phone) while walking from the car park to the hotel and we entered through the slightly ominous little door into the hotel. If you ever book a stay here, please don’t be fooled by the outside; this is, without a doubt, one of the nicest Premier Inn’s I have stayed in, despite it’s outward appearance – it is a physical representation of the phrase “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover“.

After some chill out time in our room, we headed down to the Brighton Dome Studio Theatre. We waltzed in and bagged front row seats, which was unexpected given it was unreserved seating. The venue was lovely; tiny and intimate, perfect for comedy. Joe Lycett wandered on stage; he was enchanting from the moment he came on stage. He made eye contact with the audience and the whole show felt personal and well put together. It was very natural and absolutely side splitting. He did the bit from Cats does Countdown, but, unlike other comedians who reuse material (I’ve seen several things which I have seen on TV), he acknowledged that the clip had gone viral and shared his surprise at the fact. He even put the power in the audience’s hands and asked if we wanted to hear it, to which we all responded with a resounding yes. He embellished, built on and avoided merely parroting back what we had already seen on the TV. The whole experience was hilarious and before we knew it, he was wrapping up his set and there was a distinct sense of despondency from the audience; it was without a doubt one of the best comedy experiences I have had, and if you get the opportunity to go and support this incredible comedian, then please do. You won’t regret it. If I could find one negative, it would be that we couldn’t buy one of his hilarious merchandise badges which I have since seen on Facebook (boo).

The rest of the weekend was built around exploring Brighton and having fun. We visited Beyond Retro and had great fun in the vintage Photo Booth – we had a great idea to use these pictures for our Save the Dates and I have to say, they look pretty cool for a DIY job! We visited the Pier Arcades and spent a small fortune on 2p machines. Our haul was pretty great; I won several keyrings (two perfectly intact, one broken and one that we were cheated out of when it got stuck inside the machine), and came tantalisingly close to a small, rainbow slinky.

On Saturday night we also had dinner at JB’s American Diner. Having recently had a bad experience at a diner (a tale for another day), we had an America shaped hole in our lives which needed filling, and fill it this did. The eclectic interior gave a really authentic feel and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We made the mistake of ordering a starter (which was HUGE) and by the time our mains came we were stuffed with mozzarella cheese sticks and jalapeño poppers. The mains were also HUGE and we thoroughly enjoyed it (despite being stuffed). The milkshakes were also fabulous; I went for an old favourite, Oreo, and Oscar branched out and ordered a Lucky Charm milkshake – it would have been rude not to!


Brighton is a great place for a staycation. There is loads to see and do (obviously) but you can have so much fun there for a very little amount. We had the best weekend. The moral of this story: spend lots of money on 2p machines and find a vintage Photo Booth. You’ll have a blast.

C ♡

2 thoughts on “Brighton Rock

  1. I love the seaside at any time of year. You made me want to go.

    Nobody ever chooses the front seats at a comedy gig for a very good reason.

    I love the invite by the way.

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