Showers of auburn and gold, drenching our souls in the beauty of nature; how soon we will succumb to the harsh reality of Winter; how soon we will forget how it feels to see colour. Autumn’s embrace is all too short.

It’s the beautiful time we all know and love; pumpkins are emerging from their yearly hibernation, the leaves are taking their final breaths and the world is a watercolour of golden tones. There is little more beautiful than the fleeting Autumn. With so much to work with, writing is simple; it is not the words which are stunning, but the subject you work with. If you aren’t a writer, why not try it this Autumn? Choose an afternoon, an evening; feel the biting wind, watch the life drain out of the foliage, see the animals preparing for their sleep, smell the rain, taste the copper in the air. Use the world to inspire you; you never know when that beauty will be gone for good.

C ♡

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