Back to School Blues

I wonder how many blog posts, diary entries and Facebook posts have been made with those exact words. World over, teachers are planning, prepping and preempting the problems to come across the course of the year. I simply cannot believe that it has been five weeks since I saw the sleepy morning faces of my mentor group, or since I have told a child to stop swinging on their chair.

Yet, I look back at everything I have crammed into my holiday, and I realise that I have recharged my batteries and become human again. I have spent time with the people I love, which is the most precious thing I could have done. I have taken time to forget who I am as a teacher, and remember what it is like to be social, to stay up late, to have adventures. 

So I am setting myself a New Year’s Resolution – the wonder of teaching means that you can set these twice a year, as with a new academic year, comes a new leaf, a fresh start, a clear perspective. I became insanely bogged down by bureaucracy last year, wrapping myself in cotton wool and being afraid to stay up past my bedtime for fear of turning into a child hating monster the next day. The trials of training are over, I am fully qualified, and I have been told by so many people that this was their favourite year of teaching. There might be challenges ahead, but I am certain I can overcome them. My New Year’s Resolution is to remember who I am, not only as a practitioner, but also as a human being – to remember that I adore eating out in restaurants, that it’s OK to stay up past 11pm and that I have friends who love me dearly and that I must make time for more regularly.

If you were a part of my summer, in plans, or in intended plans that went awry, then thank you – I hope to be more human now that my NQT year is over.

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