Holiday Adventures – Back to School

It seems as if the ‘Back to School’ posters are getting earlier and earlier, looming over tired teachers at the end of July, before we have even broken up.

In the spirit of things, I kicked off the first Monday of the summer holidays by going into school. With my room change next year, I want to get everything organised early; that way I don’t have to think about it. So, as I pulled up into the car park yesterday, with the 10am drizzle permeating the grey I decided that it would be a productive Monday. I fully intend to enjoy my holiday, and one way to do that is to avoid facilitating the September anxieties.

I don’t know how many people have been in a school after hours, or in the holidays, or when you’re not meant to be there, but it is a thoroughly surreal experience; I feel almost a pang of sadness at how quiet is, how few curse words pierce the air and how scarily empty it feels.

Walking into ‘my’ classroom felt bizarre as well. It has always been ‘so and so’s room. I don’t know when it will feel like my room, but I have certainly made a start on it. Rubbish has been bagged, furniture has been moved, carefully laminated book covers have been blue tacked in Book Corner. My things are in there, but it doesn’t feel like my room yet.

I’m sure it will in time; I think about all the memories I have created this year in Room 12… I’m sure when my mentees names are up on the board (for good… or bad reasons…), it will start to feel like home for all of us.

Display boards on Friday; backing paper is not the most cooperative and requires all hands on deck! Once that is done, I will feel like the holiday can really start.

C ♡

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