Holiday Adventures – Byron Burger

Teaching life doesn’t allow much time for adventures. I feel guilty every time I spend a school night at the cinema or take a weekend off to visit a castle. Even when I do take a break, it’s hard to switch off mentally; my brain is always buzzing with ideas and new things to try. As such, this summer, I fully intend on doing all the things which, throughout the year, I’ve said, “Yeah, we should try that!”

I kicked off my adventure list with a simple one. My lovely hometown has jumped out of the plague of Italian restaurants which have been popping up along the high street, and got it’s very own Byron Burger. When I found out, I said, “Yeah, we should try that!” And try that I did.

After initially thinking it was a poky downstairs burger bar, we soon discovered that it had an upstairs and a roof terrace. Downstairs feels a bit like they’re maximising space, but upstairs is amazing and really retro feeling. 

I ordered a chicken burger; chicken being chicken, sometimes you run the risk of it being a bit dull. This was succulent and delicious and I wasn’t disappointed! The Oreo milkshake was also to die for! 

I’ll definitely be returning; the staff were friendly, the service was speedy and the food was incredible. 

What a way to kick off the holiday adventures… Five weeks to fill; excited to see what comes! 

C ♡

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