Twas 2 weeks before summer, and all through the schools, every teacher was sighing at children breaking the rules.

As the end of term approaches, every teacher in the town is eagerly awaiting the commencement of the long summer holiday. With that, I’m afraid to say, comes exhaustion, boredom and a short temper.

My end of term resolution is to enjoy the last 2 weeks; it’s easy to be grouchy and to take it out on that kid who is getting on your nerves, but I only have 8 lessons left teaching them, and I am determined to leave them with a happy memory of their year.

Kindness costs nothing; I don’t intend on stopping at the kids. We are all getting grumpy with one another and we are all inclined to a little eye rolling, a little internal monologue that rants inside your brain. I plan on appreciating the dark circles under everyone’s eyes. I plan on embracing my ability to lend a hand. I plan on experiencing every moment of the end of term as it fast encroaches upon life and learning.

If you’re lucky in life, you will impact a handful of people who will remember your name 10, 20, 30 years later. In a fruitful teaching career, you will impact hundreds of lives. The question is, what do you want that impact to be?

For ’tis two weeks before summer, and all through the schools, every teacher is laughing, as are children too. 

And we’ll hear them exclaim, on the last day of the year—

“Happy Summer to all!” And to all teachers, “Cheers!”

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