It’s the oldest piece of advice in the book. Write what you know. Your reader feels the passion and emotion you feel, when you write what you know. I was reminded by a friend today, of one of the most powerful pieces of writing (and performances for that matter) that I have ever seen.

I remember being blown away by this, being utterly immersed in the raw passion and the bizarre purity of emotion that came through in this performance. Neil Holborn – OCD is, and always will be exceedingly beautiful.

However, it’s easy to write about experience when you’ve had experience; when you experience grief, loss, love, adventure. If you’re anything like me though, you’ve been lucky in the life you have lead. If I can give you one new piece of advice, as a writer, it would be that sometimes, you have to make your experiences yourself.

  • Visit a graveyard and feel the love of the couple buried together, hand in hand.
  • Stand in a busy train station and feel the atmosphere, the hustle and bustle, the time revolving around everyone and no one, all at once.
  • Walk in the rain, and describe the smell as it hits the back of your throat, becoming a part of your existence, while remaining fleeting and forgotten.

The experiences we have in life are sometimes out of our control. On occasion, though, we can grasp what we are given and mould it into what we want. Write from experience; that much is true. The best writers take elements of themselves, of their lives into their writing. But your writing will only ever be as good as the writer you want to become.

Charles Dickens himself travelled around, looking for inspiration under the stars atop a mountain, or watching the swift cut of the blade of a guillotine. Follow in his footsteps and make your own inspiration today.

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