I love a haiku. Simple, but elegant. Traditionally, the haiku should centre around the theme of nature, however I love using the haiku form to tell the love story that dwells in my brain. It is like fitting a lifetime of hidden glances, heartbeats and sweaty palms into 3 lines.

Twisting in cold air;

Breath mingles in the nighttime

And then stops. Over.

You knew this was it;

First ripple in a lifetime

Of lakes and oceans.

She needs your heartbeat;

It is the only thing which

Keeps her from drowning.

I am a soppy ol’ soul, and I believe in love and spend far too much of my time falling in love with fictional characters and the idea of love. Too many people don’t write, because there’s no time, or they don’t know where to start or what to do. Start with a haiku. Sometimes, the fewer words you have, the more you can say.

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